Plan for dissemination and exploitation of the project outcomes will work as a constant process with a view to optimising their value, enhancing the impact and integrating them into training and practices at regional and European level. The dissemination plan will outline a detailed schedule of activities which will be developed as the project progresses explaining how the results and products will be disseminated and exploited so as to make them sustainable. Key to the success of these activities is the involvement of end users throughout the project period. The project will do this by making the products and project deliverables available to as wide an audience as possible including in it as well individual users who will be able to use the products for self-study purposes. Stakeholders will be kept informed of progress by use of social networks. The dissemination activity will be facilitated by using the project website. All partners will be responsible for dissemination of the projects results in their own region and country using their own networks and contacts and their own platforms. All partners will be expected to set up a social network group and invite end-users for discussion and giving their feedback on the subject of living conditions of minorities in hosting counties and exchange their views and opinions on the administrative systems.

We are planning to organise 6 dissemination conferences:

1. Poland, March/April 2018

2. Hungary, March 2018

3. Belgium, March 2018

4. Austria, April 2018

5. Spain, April 2018

6. Slovakia, April 2018