The most important project product is an educational curriculum for adults learners that will consist of:

  1. Comparative study of the minorities’ status (basing on the example of Jewish communities) in project partner countries taking into account existing EU regulations in this field
    1. Legal status of non-dominant religious and language communities in Europe – problems connected to different status and acknowledgement of minorities in European countries
    2. Religious minorities – examples, procedures, acknowledgement and liberty of religious practice
    3. Public and private education in case of minorities – language and religion of minorities – which educational strategies are more advantageous from the minoritites’ language and religion preservation
    4. Non dominant minorities’ language in public domain – legal regulations, relations official language vs. minorities’ language, legal linguistic rights of minorities.
  1. Guidelines to improve and standardize the minorities’ status in Europe
  2. Educational materials regarding the Jewish communities in comparison with the most numerous other minorities in the project partner countries – materials available in a digital form on a website/platform to use as a self-standing educational course, but as well as for self-study.