The project is born from the real need to educate and propagate the mutual understanding between different minorities living in Europe and their hosting countries. Given the current political and social situation in Europe, on one side, European national communities being afraid of minorities, on the other side stronger and stronger nationalist movements that are fruit of too quickly jumped conclusions, can lead us to conflicts in places and between social groups that earlier co-existed without major problems. According to PewResearch Center carried out in 2015 „In about two-thirds of the countries in Europe, organized groups that oppose the presence of minority religious groups in their country intimidated or attacked these religious communities. This type of cocial hostility was much more prevalent in Europe (30 of 45 countries, or 67%) than in the rest of the world (38%). In some cases, attempts to dominate public life with a particular perspective on religion included online intimidation of minority religious groups, including posting anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim rhetoric.” The above mentioned opinion seems to be confirmed by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Right, that states, in spite of diverse legal instruments that are supposed to provide protection against racism and other related forms of intolerance towards ethnic and religious minorities in the Eu countries, the minority representatives continue to face discrimination, intolerance, verbal and physical violence, and exclusion. Of course it always depends on people and who we encounter on our way, but this situation might be attenuated thanks to educating people as lack of knowledge is the worst factor triggering hatered and agression.