National, Ethnic and Religious Minorities in Austria
European Union

Jewish Community




The meeting was conducted in Lauder Business School in Vienna. The participants in the meeting were group of 8 young Jewish which take part in the JLP organization- Jenakovits Leasing Personalmanagement. The participants vary in their home-countries, but they all residents of Vienna in the last few years.

The meeting was started with a presentation of the research’s general details: the research’s process and goals, Erasmus organization, the time period and the various participant countries. I explained to the participants what their part in the research is and presented the outcomes of the research.


The Discussion:

As a starting point, the main findings of the research were presented: languages, Jewish identity, Jewish back-ground and education, holidays, attitudes towards Austria, the EU and Israel.

Afterwards, we had a discussion about the main findings and each one of the participants shared his opinions. They all agreed that the research’s purpose is important and hope this research could improve the understanding of the Jewish community among the general population in Austria and the EU.

In this group, only one person speaks Hebrew but only as a second language, and none of them speak Yiddish. Half of the participants mentioned that they are willing to learn Hebrew and considered Yiddish. Their native languages are Russian, German and Hungarian.

Most of the participants, except one, studied in Jewish schools. They all have a strong Jewish identity and they celebrate the Jewish holiday, alongside the national Austrian holidays.
Their general opinion towards the general Austrian public is positive. They feel that there is no such an anti-Semitism among the general public.
Regarding the new government, the participants are not worried about the near future, but they doubt about long term future steps of the government.
The participants feel that there is no significant difference between them and the general public, and that generally they are not treated differently because of their religion.

However, considering other minorities, some of the participants feel threatened by a certain Muslims groups, in particular the Turkish community. A few cases of unpleasant situations were experienced among a few of the participants.
The general attitude among the participants towards Israel is positive, some of them visited number of times and even lived there for a while. A few of the participants considering living in Israel in the future, but concern about the mentality differences between the local population and their own cultures.