The Unified Hungarian Jewish Community registered in Hungary is one of the three Jewish Churches.  

The EMIH supports Jewish communities in their every day life and takes care of its memebers which are more then 9000 families at this point. It provides Jewish community with religious and non religious services. It is an educational and cultural centre that supports mutual coopeartion between Jews and Hungarians promoting the Jewish culture and tradition. The EMIH provides the adult education services to all interested in the Jewish culutre, but also manages day care for children and diverse after classes for young people.

It has very vast international contacts with Jewish communities in the US and Israel.  It cooperates as well with the US Anti-Defamation League-gel.

The EMIH, given the lack of scientific literature on Jewish culture in Hungary created  the Free University of the Jews Sciences and Pest megalpításával Yeshiva Orthodox rabbis started teaching there.

The institution organises also typical Jewish celebrations like Jewish Tent at the Sziget Festival, Public Chanuka celebrations, Hanna Women’s Club) and others.

The EMIH is very active in the field of education and thanks to the yeshiva which consists of highly professional lectureres (rabbis) it is possible to deliver diverse courses in the field of Jewish culture, tradition and religion. It cooperates with different educational centers all over the world so it has diverse possibilities to receive guests for lectures and can promote the new studies among their network of contacts.