Fundacja CHAI was founded in 2005 in Warsaw. It represents the Chabad Lubavitch chasidic movement in Poland. Within its scope of activities there is the promotion of Jewish culture, religious tollerance and integration of the Jewish minority in Poland. The foundation is very active in the field of cultural and historical education regarding the Jewish presence in Poland and promotion of religious and cultural tourism to Poland among Jewish people from all over the world. The foundation has got vast international contacts all over the world and is very active in the field of international project dealing with cultural education. Each year the foundation receives groups of Jewish people who are provided with the full service organisation of their stay in Poland (accommodation, meals, cultural and educational programme in Poland during their stay).

In the history of the foundation, their founders and representatives had a great pleasure to meet and receive support for foundation’s activity from such important persons as: the Polish President Lech Kaczyński, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the Israel’s President Shimon Peres and many other.

The foundation delivers diverse educational courses for adults regarding Jewish culture and religion (kaballah, Jewish celebrations etc.). The foundation has gathered an impressive collection of judaica and a very important collection of educational materials available for the learners. Thanks to the fuly equipped copmuter classroom, the learns may take advanteg of using digital materials in their process of education, and can use the available computer also for self-study.  In 2005 just right after the foundation was established, the first after the WWII  yeshiva in Warsaw that delivers religious courses for students.

When it comes to the cultural activities, the foundation is heavily involved in building a mutual understanding between Jews and Poles. It promotes the Jewish culture through the coopeartion with local and regional authorities, organising also meetings with importnat rabbis and representatives of te Polish public administration as well on a central level. Moreover the representatives of the foundation participate in all official events dedicated to the memory of Jewish martyrs perished in Shoah.

On a daily basis, the foundation supports the Jewish community in Poland and is a point of refernece for the Jews providing them with religious and non religious services that enable the members of the community to lead life according to the tradition and religion they were born in.