Chabad of Slovakia is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to plan, organize and carry out Jewish educational activities.

The mission of Chabad of Slovakia is to re-connect Jews with their  Jewish heritage by providing them with the opportunity to learn about and live Judaism.

Our activities are for all Jews, regardless of their age, affiliation, background, belief, level of knowledge or observance. We serve and embrace the full spectrum of Jewish people in Slovakia.

The governing value of Chabad of Slovakia is simple: the key to Jewish continuity is learning.

Our goal is to make Jewish education available to every Jewish individual in Slovakia, whether it be through attending a class, joining in a holiday celebration, reading a publication, or taking part in any of our activities. Through these programs, the wisdom of our tradition becomes truly relevant, enriching the lives of those who study it.

The organisation has got very vast mission, it provides educational offer for chldren (kindergarten), special family programs, Afternoon Hebrew school and holiday activities. These activities have resulted in a reawakening of Jewish identity and a growing interest in reconnecting to Jewish heritage. In response to this growth, the Jewish Educational Center of Slovakia was founded in September, 2000.

The building is a beautiful, newly-renovated, state-of-the-art facility in the historic “old town” section of Bratislava.

The center provides a central location and meeting place for a wide spectrum of educational activities. As the only Jewish educational institution of its kind in the Slovak Republic, it has already evolved into “the” location for Jewish education.

The organisation given its location offers as well tourism services.