Chabad de Barcelona deals with promotion of Jewish culture and traditions, it also supports intercultural dialogue between the nations. It is heavily involved in education and delivers a vast range of courses for adult learners regarding Jewish culture. It provides tourstic services in Barcelona. The Chabad is as well very active online and provides its memebrs and all people interested in the subject of Jewish traditions, online materials, interviews and others to promote the knowledge and fight intollerance and anti-semitism. It organises Jewish celebrations which helps as well to integrate the community.

The Chabad de Barcelona is very active in educational field. This is actually one of the main objectives of its activities. The yeshiva is a very vibrant educational centre which hosts young people from all over the world to study the Jewish culture. moreover, the Chabad organises special courses for women dedicated to them and their education. Whoever is interested in Jewish culture and tradition can find open online and audio courses on their website.