Comparative study on minorities situation in Europe and guidelines to improve and standardize the minorities’ status in Europe.

comparative study of the minorities’ status (basing on the example of Jewish communities) in project partner countries taking into account existing EU regulations in this field

a. Legal status of non-dominant religious and language communities in Europe (problems connected to different status and acknowledgement of minorities in European countries

b. Religious minorities – examples, procedures, acknowledgement and liberty of religious practice

c. Public and private education in case of minorities – language and religion of minorities (which educational strategies are more advantageous from the minorities’ language and religion preservation)

d. Non dominant minorities’ languages in public domain (legal regulations, relations official language-minority language, legal linguistic rights of minorities)

Each partner will prepare a study of the minorities status in their country, basing on their knowledge and experience. The Polish Partner will gather the single studies from all partners and will prepare a comparative summary of all them.

Next step will be working out common guidelines and comparing different solutions to common issues the minorities encounter in partner countries. The final version of the product should consist of studies from each partner country on the minorities situation basing on the example of Jewish community. Each partner will compare the Jewish community situation with the situation of the biggest another minority in their country so that there are clearly identified issues and fields of potential improvement but also success stories and solutions that could be implemented in other countries.

In this way the comparative study, but in the first place the guidelines, that will be a logical follow-up of the comparative study, would be applicable in case of other minorities. The expected final outcome of this output will be a step forward standardisation of the minorities’ status on the European level.”

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