Curriculum in 7 languages

Educational curriculum to use as a self-standing educational course but as well for self-study regarding:

a. the Jewish communities in comparison with the most numerous other minorities in the project partner countries (different aspect of the curriculum per each partner as each partner will compare their Jewish community with another minority in their country)

b. conclusions from the comparative study and guidelines on the status of minorities

c. tolerance and anti-discrimination workshops

The partners, basing on the national studies and comparative study with guidelines will build up an educational curriculum regarding the minorities status that will consist of a common part about:

– general aspects regarding the minorities (including information about minorities status in other countries – best practice examples and worst practice examples and consequences of such procedures),

– the European aspect and standardisation on the European level of the minorities status,

– but as well the national part that will talk about current issues that the minorities in given partner country encounter and what kind of activities and proceedings they require.

In other words, there will be one general structure of the curriculum, but the national part will differ in each partner country. The partners will work jointly on the general part and the European part, but will work separately on the national ones.

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