The first project meeting took place in Warsaw (Poland) from 5th to 7th December 2016. In that „Kick-off meeting” took part 10 participants from 6 project’s countries. It was our first meeting where we got to know each other better and worked hard!

What we did there?

We updated the working plan in our project. Established the working group preparing, the guidelines and the monitoring and evaluation system. We updated the strategies: monitoring, evaluation, dissemination and measurement of the expected results. We started to work on the website of the project in order to update it with new project information regularly. We discoused about our Intelectual Outputs, common tasks, communication and the team resources.

After the workshops all participants have met with our members of organization and local society. All participants finished the meeting with a lot of good feelings and motivation for the rest of the project. Next time the meeting will be in Budapest, Hungary.

All the important information from the meeting you can find in the attachments.


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Plan of the meeting Download
Minorities roadmap Download